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Augusta's Hidden Gems - Presentation of Local Wine Cellars

Story and photos submitted by Angela Stephens

On July 10th, the Historic Augusta Museum highlighted a few very special wine cellars with pictures from Angela Stephens and commentary from Tom Whelan. Such cellars included Paul and Melissa Hughes/Honey Bee Vineyard, The Wine Hall, Mount Pleasant, Sally Heining/Ernst Stock home, and Randal Oaks/Dr. Gerling home. Fascinating stories and interesting facts were shared together as everyone sat downstairs in the cool basement with fresh homemade cookies made by Judy Renner. Then we gathered upstairs for a very special showing of the town's centennial parade, brought to us by Pat Baravik. Thank you to all who came for the cellar presentation and also to explore our own special gem....the August Sehrt museum. 

hidden gems 1.jpg
Paul and Melissa Hughes/Honey Bee Vineyard cellar.

hidden gems 2.jpg
Cellar at Randal Oaks/Dr. Gerling home.