New Melle Board of Aldermen Highlights October 12

By Dianne Sudbrock

The New Melle Board of Aldermen met Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021 at City Hall. The mayor, all 4 aldermen, the City Clerk, City Attorney and City Engineer were present.

Open Forum: Mayor West expressed concerns about the use of ATVs/4-wheelers/side-by-sides on the streets in and around New Melle, and the age of drivers of some of those vehicles. The ordinance regulating the use of those types of vehicles was discussed, along with the dangers involved with the offenders. Mayor West plans to contact known offenders. Anyone operating such vehicles on a city street, state or county roadway is required by law to have a valid driver’s license; and shall not operate the vehicle in any careless way so as to endanger the person or property of another. Additional regulations may also apply. A copy of all city ordinances are available on the city’s website,

Quarterly finance reports were reviewed and approved.

Ordinance 456 was passed setting the annual rate of tax levy for the year 2021 at 0.4350, replacing Ordinance 455 from last month which contained an incorrect rate.

Engineering Report:

City Engineer, Nathan Buehrle, Cochran Engineering, compared information from other municipalities concerning sidewalk specifications, pavement widths and thicknesses, etc. to New Melle’s requirements. He will provide suggested changes to the City Attorney to be drafted into an ordinance to make New Melle’s rules more consistent with other cities in the county.

Design work for Mill Street improvements has begun. The existing right-of-way should be sufficient to allow for a two-way street with a sidewalk without having to acquire additional right-of-way.

Old Business:

Sycamore Creek Road improvement bids were reviewed, with Karrenbrock Construction providing the lowest bid and approved for the work with a vote of 3-0 with Alderwoman Karrenbrock abstaining.

Work is progressing on a bid package for Peter Street improvements.

St. Charles County will be notified of trees along Foristell Road that need to be trimmed. A letter will be sent to homeowners along the affected area for notification of work to be done. Homeowners on Schutzen and Peter Street will also be notified to trim trees in problem areas. Per city ordinances, residents are required to keep grass and brush cut up to the pavement along city owned streets and roadways.

New Business:

A bid proposal will be initiated for a new property maintenance contract for City property, including lawn and landscaping upkeep.

MoDOT permit approvals for Welcome signs to be placed along highways entering the city have been obtained and forwarded to Dale’s Signs so that installation work can begin.

P&Z Chairman Brian Nelson discussed the Strategic Doing initiative and the needed involvement from the city and other organizations in the community to facilitate and direct growth. Two aldermen will be assigned to explore opportunities to enhance the Comprehensive Plan.

The next Board of Aldermen Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2021.