BOA Highlights from July 12

By Kathy Miller

The July Board of Aldermen Meeting was at 7 p.m. on July 12 at City Hall. Present were Mayor Steve Burt, Aldermen Gary Schneider, Trevor Goodman, Nik Bradley (via phone), City Attorney Steve Martin and City Clerk Marcia Gay. Alderman Janet Karrenbrock was absent.

Engineering Report
• Peter Street – During the June Aldermen meeting, a motion was passed to award the Peter Street project to S & A Equipment Builders. There were alternates to that base bid that were inadvertently overlooked during the June meeting and were not discussed or voted on. The alternates to consider are 1) street lighting, 2) conduit only for lights at a later date, and 3) concrete vs. asphalt pavement. Mayor Burt also asked Cochran Engineering to check the cost of underground utility lines. The utility lines could be put underground as each street is completed. The utility poles and lines would not have to be seen since this is part of a beautification project and should help with the frequent power outages. This agenda item was tabled until the August Aldermen meeting to give the Board time to review the alternates to the base bid.

Old Business
• Review the new Emergency Repair Contract provided by Council and Cochran Engineering and discuss any changes. The contract needs to be approved before sending out for bid. This agenda item was tabled until the August Aldermen meeting to give the Board time to review the contract.

New Business
• A leak was discovered in the waterline between the water meter and City Hall. The leak was pouring out close to a gallon a minute. Mayor Burt considered this an emergency, fixed the leak, and replaced some old and failing pipes. The leak had been happening for a while, worsened over time, and leaked into the basement. The basement is wet and moldy, and there is a brown recluse spider problem (that is being treated.) Mayor Burt would like to get a bid to have professionals clean out the basement; there are old plans and papers that are completely soaked and moldy. No official city records were stored in the basement. There is nothing salvageable. Alderman Gary Schneider of Grace Hauling offered a dumpster to haul off the contents. The City Clerk will check with companies to remove the contents in the basement and report back.

• Discuss proposal to St. Charles County Highway Department for tree/brush removal on Foristell Rd. The Board wanted bids from the County and area businesses, but you cannot compare the two easily. The County requires that the City sign a work order with a three-year minimum term. The City would choose what services they want the County to provide; maintaining, trimming or removing trees. The County charges per mile based on what services they provide. There is no emergency response for fallen trees by the County if you are not in a current work order with them for that location. Cochran Engineering requested information from area tree trimmers, and the standard is a 3-man crew; they provide all the necessary tools and insurance and will charge an hourly rate. They would be available 24/7 for emergencies. If extra equipment is required outside the standard crew, there will be an additional hourly charge. This item was tabled until the August meeting so that everyone has a chance to review the information.

• Planning and Zoning Commission Volunteer Application for Wes Stefanko was approved at the last P & Z meeting and is being presented to the Board of Aldermen for final approval. Wes Stefanko was approved to become a new Planning and Zoning Commissioner.

• Review the Voluntary Annexation documents and comments by St. Charles County regarding incomplete documents. A request for a Voluntary annexation form must be filled out again by the applicants, and it has been sent to the property owners. St. Charles County is requiring the City of New Melle to make a new ordinance to fix the errors. The county stated that the ordinance was not signed in the Company name, the word “by” was missing, and the legal description was incorrect on the application. The information was taken from a deed of trust, not the deed, and was the Mortgage company's mistake. A new ordinance will be drawn up with the errors fixed and voted on during the August Meeting. (Editor's note: This is the 2.65-acre property located at 4409 State Highway Z, at the corners of Highway Z and Foristell Road.)

The meeting adjourned at 7:46 p.m. The next Board of Aldermen meeting will be on Tuesday, August 9 at 7 pm. at City Hall.